Habitat and Species Surveys

botanist on skiddaawCollecting reliable site data is often where our involvement in a project starts. Whether it is a habitat survey of the Lake District Fells or a bat survey in urban Newcastle we recognise that we need not only to survey accurately but to be able to evaluate the significance of what we record.

As many wildlife surveys are seasonal we advise you to contact us early in project planning, to ensure that they are undertaken at the optimal time of year. 


•    Phase 1 habitat surveys
•    National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys
•    European protected species (EPS) surveys and risk assessments
•    Mammal surveys (bat, badger, otter, red squirrel, water vole etc)
•    Breeding bird and wintering bird surveys
•    Habitat condition monitoring
•    Environmental Impact Assessment
•    Herptile surveys (reptiles and amphibians e.g. great crested newts)
•    Invertebrate surveys
•    Invasive plant surveys (Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed etc)