BREEAM Ecology Assessment for the Chemical Industry

IMGP1903 smallerJohnson Matthey is a speciality chemicals company with a production plant in Middlesbrough. Its products include active pharmaceutical ingredients, catalysts for emission control and biorenewables, and components for the medical industry.

When constructing a new laboratory facility in 2012, Johnson Matthey wanted it to achieve a high environmental performance standard and therefore selected a voluntary measurement rating for green buildings that was established in the UK by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) known as BREEAM. Ecology credits are awarded based on the developments contribution to biodiversity, taking into account the initial ecological value of the proposed development site, ecological protection and enhancement.

Penn Associates Ecology Ltd undertook the BREEAM ecology assessment on behalf of Clugston Construction Ltd to identify the ecological value of the site prior to development and quantify changes that would result from construction of the new Chilton Laboratory.